Yuk-ki Wong

St Richard’s Hospital

Yuk-Ki is a consultant cardiologist at St. Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, UK. His research career started in 1998 when he worked on a BHF funded project investigating the association between Chlamydia pneumoniae and coronary heart disease under the supervision of Professor Mike Ward at Southampton University. This resulted in a number of key papers. More recently, he was awarded an NIHR RISC grant to investigate whether it is possible to obtain early warning of an impending myocardial infarction by measuring the heart rate at onset of angina (the ALARM study). Dr Wong’s unit is also involved in commercial research and with the help of research nurses, he has been the Principal Investigator for a number of studies including FIDELIO, FIGARO, ARISTOTLE, ATMOSPHERE, IMPROVEIT, REVEAL, THRIVE, COMMANDER and CLEAR-HARMONY. He holds the post of Honorary Senior Lecturer, Kings College, London for his role in teaching.