Art Gertel PhD

MedSciCom, LLC

Art has a background in neurophysiology and behavioural medicine. As an independent consultant, he specialises in strategic regulatory, Data Safety Monitoring Board management, medical writing, and bioethics. Art has held senior posts at a number of other companies including Schering-Plough, Hoffmann-LaRoche, TFS, and Quintiles and headed departments responsible for medical writing, project management, and regulatory affairs. He has extensive teaching experience and has presented to professional organisations (e.g. EMWA, AMWA, DIA), and corporate and academic audiences, worldwide. He spent 2 years on the ‘cutting edge’ in an eDC ‘’ company, and is active in CDISC. He serves as Co-Chair of the Global Ethics and Regulatory Initiative (GERI) of the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES). He is a Founding Member of the Global Alliance of Publication Professionals (GAPP), a Past President of AMWA and a Fellow of both AMWA and EMWA. More recently, he served in a Senior Advisory capacity on the Budapest Working Group in developing the CORE Reference.